What Should You Do When You Notice Hair Loss

What Should You Do When You Notice Hair Loss

Going bald is a nightmare for most people all across the world. Nevertheless, there is nothing that you can do about it, and if your father was bold, most likely you will be and your son too. It is a genetic condition that you can treat with the idea to slow it down.

In case that you worry about side effects, you should choose a natural solution. On the other hand, medications such as Rogaine or Kirkland Minoxidil are also effective but come with side effects that you should be familiar with.

Therefore, the idea is to stay with us so that we can present you truths about getting bold and hair loss:


The best solution if you need lowest-level treatment is by using light. If you have researched online on balding, you can find numerous ads that will promote laser combs. The main idea is that they emit a low-intensity beam that will stimulate follicles so that they can crank out hair and start growing.

On the other hand, if you are asking yourself whether they work, you should understand that red light is anti-inflammatory, which means that you will be able to take care of scalp problems and reduce the amount of baldness. At the same time, it will promote healthy hair growth, but overall results are limited, and you will not be able to cure yourself completely.


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Before you decide to use various combs and medications, you can take supplements that will help you increase the health of your hair so that you can maintain it that way. When it comes to supplements, two brands became a leader in this particular market.

The first one is Nutrafol, which will provide you building blocks that are essential for healthy hair growth. On the other hand, you can also choose Viviscal as the alternative. These supplements will help you fight hair loss due to inflammation, and they will strengthen your hair with nutrients and vitamins.

You should click here to see which supplements you should take to reduce hair loss.

They block DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which is a byproduct of testosterone and the main reason for pattern baldness. You will be able to find various supplements as well as cosmetic products so that you can reduce the amount of baldness and increase the strength of your hair.


The most popular way to fight hair loss according to FDA is Rogaine. It is a standard when it comes to topical treatments. FDA approved it, and it can treat thinning at the top of the head or vertex. You can use it for frontal hairline too, especially if you notice that it started to recede.

Minoxidil is the active ingredients of Rogaine, and it can slow down hair loss and to help you regrow your hair. However, it is still unknown what will happen after long-term use. If you want to achieve the perfect treatment, you have to apply it twice daily. However, it is difficult for people to do it due to the fast pace of this world.


The FDA (check their official website on this link: https://www.fda.gov/) approved treatment is by using finasteride, under the brand name Propecia. This particular medication will stop your body from converting testosterone into DHT. Even though causes for male pattern baldness are still unknown, when you lower DHT levels, you will be able to reduce and slow down the entire process.

One-third of users will maintain the hair that they have, while other third will grow hair back, and the next third will continue to see their hair thinning. Nevertheless, you will slow down the process, so it will not happen at the same rate as before.

However, the main problem with this particular prescription medication is side effects, and some people say that they can become sexual. The first and main issue that you will notice is erectile dysfunction. For most patients, this will happen as a result, but only temporary.

Of course, if you want to reduce baldness or to fight it, this particular medication is the first line of attack, but everything depends on your genetic perspective and other factors, so in some cases, it will not work.