My Husband and I Love the New Plan That I Chose for Us

Getting my husband to stick to a dieting plan with me was like pulling teeth. He doesn’t really like my cooking in the first place. So the different types of weight-loss foods that I was cooking were really hard for him to stomach. He doesn’t really like to cook so having him cook was out. I did some online searching to find a solution, and that’s when I stumbled upon some reviews on Nutrisystem diet that explained that you don’t need to waste your time in the grocery store or stand in front of the stove for long hours to make healthy foods that will allow you to lose a lot of extra pounds. I wondered if it would make both me and my husband happy.

After watching videos online of other people talking about their experiences on this particular diet, I wanted to try it. My husband shrugged his shoulders when I told him that I was interested in getting food for both of us because he is up for most things if I think they are good for us. He also felt that any foods that are not made by me would probably be a step up! I have to agree with him on that!

I spent no more 20 minutes picking out our food on the website and ordering it. That is next to no time at all compared to the amount of time that I have to spend in the grocery store reading through a bunch of labels. I was really surprised to see how fast the food showed up at our house. They send you enough food to last for 2 weeks. Spending only 20 minutes to pick out all of your food for 2 weeks is a really bit time saver. The prices are better than what we spend in our grocery store, too. My husband loves the food and so do I. I can throw one of their meals in my briefcase for lunch, and I only need to heat it up quickly. It’s fast to do. After only 2 weeks of this, I have lost 10 pounds.