I Am Going to Be on TV

Of course I suppose that everyone has seen all of the lame local TV ads that are on, a lot of them are designed to be intentionally annoying from what I have read. The theory is that it is better to annoy the viewer than to just bore them, because people have become inured to ads and just zone out during them. At any rate my boss decided that I am going to be the pitch man in our ad. This morning he sent me to a dentist in Wollongong for teeth whitening, I suppose because everyone on TV has to have perfectly white teeth. This is not too bad for me, since I needed to do that at any rate and this makes things so that someone else is paying for it. The process was rather nice and the girl who did it, a very pretty young thing, may have been flirting with me a bit. In fact I am sure that I am prone to believe that whether or not it is true or not, but I felt really good either way.

At any rate it is going to be a pretty silly ad and I am going to try not to be embarrassed about it. We are going to try to be funny and that is probably going to make us look really lame. The boss does not seem to care if it is though. He has been reading up on how to make an impact and seems to think that if it is disastrously lame, then that will serve the purpose. I think he is right, that the worst thing is just to be stale and forgetful. People do not care about ads, they spend their entire life not paying much mind to them and if you want their attention you have to earn it, even if you earn it by being really bad.