I Finally Lost the Weight

In fact it took me well over a year to do it and now I am thinking about how to keep it off, even though I really want to do less of the hard work that was involved. I did not take any shortcuts to get where I am, it was a whole lot of dieting and a lot of running and cycling. Now however I am not completely pleased with how I look in the mirror. This friend of mine from work, she was saying that there is a dermatologist in Austin Texas that does cool sculpting.. The fact of this was that I was not aware of what this meant until I went on the web to see what it meant. It turned out that they take these machines and they put them on your sides with the intent of freezing the fat in you. Of course that is what is really getting to me.

I did all of that work to lose the weight for my health, obviously your heart is not supposed to be that overworked. The big problem is not being thirty pounds too heavy, but the fact that thirty might just be a bus stop on the way to morbid obesity. However at the same time when I lost the weight I expected to look a lot more slender than I do. So I am not really thinking that this stuff is going to be a huge help to me, since what I have is flabbiness rather than fat. Obviously when I was bigger my skin had to be bigger than it does now. So now I have to figure out whether or not there is a safe way to deal with the flab, but I do not really think that this stuff will do the trick.