How Nose Surgery Can Be Useful

Endoscopic nasal surgery that uses a balloon in the procedure to help drain sinuses. The surgery with the balloon was improved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2005. The procedure is quite new, and it used to treat rhinosinusitis, sinus inflammation, and a blockage in the nose. It is a good treatment for rhinosinusitis, and many insurance companies are willing to help fund the cost of the surgery. There are few benefits gained by opting to use the endoscopic nasal surgery that makes use of the balloon in the procedure. According to a study, the use of the procedure had a 94 percent success rate that involved nearly 30 children. It is believed more than 35 million people suffer from sinusitis. There are some cases surgery may be required to stop the suffering from sinusitis. The price range a person should expect to pay for the procedure is $3,000 to $7,000. Pricing will with the doctor selected to complete the surgery.

Benefits of Using a Balloon Surgery on The Nose

One of the greater benefits of using any sinuplasty new jersey is no cutting involved with the procedure. Since there no cutting, a person should expect a quicker recovery time for the surgery. There may be no need to pack the nose after the surgery since no incision will be used.

The Other Benefits Gained from the Use of Balloon Sinuplasty:

  • Patients resume normal activities
  • Fewer risks to encounter

By using the nasal surgery that makes use of the balloon, a person will be able to resume some of their normal activities much faster than if older methods of treatments for sinusitis. The quicker recovery time is a welcomed option for anyone who has a very active lifestyle. A person is exposed to fewer risks since the surgery does not involve incisions. There is less risk of contracting an infection by using the nasal surgery that will require a balloon.

Expectations of Having Treatment Administered

A doctor can perform the procedure in an office setting or at a hospital. The doctor may utilize either general or local anesthesia on the patient. The doctor will use a catheter with a balloon attached to it. Once the catheter is slipped in place in the nose, the balloon is inflated. By inflating the balloon, it will expand the sinus, and the doctor would use saline to clean the nose. Once the procedure is completed the balloon is deflated and removed from the nose. The sinus passage will be wider without any pressure in the nose. A person can expect to resume their activities in one or two days after the procedure. It is important for patients to follow the directions of the doctor to achieve the best results from the surgery.

Determine if the Surgery is Helpful to Anyone

An individual would become a good candidate for the surgery if the person has shown signs of chronic symptoms of sinus problems. A person who finds it difficult to breathe through their nose may consider the use of surgery to correct the problem. People should also pay attention to the possible symptoms of having bad breath and a bad taste in their mouth. A person should consult the doctor to ensure they make a good candidate for the surgery.