Discovering Your Baby\’s Gender During Pregnancy

Discovering Your Baby\'s Gender During Pregnancy

Finding out that a baby is on the way is the biggest thrill for many couples. The second biggest thrill is discovering their gender. Did you know that you can find out your baby’s gender as early as the 7th week of pregnancy? Using a paternity test while pregnant, you can find out your baby’s gender without risking your baby’s health or yours. To do this, the laboratory gets the baby’s DNA from a sample of the mother’s blood. In fact, the procedure is much simpler than you might think. You must first purchase a home gender test from the laboratory’s website. Following the instructions on the kit, take a blood sample from the mother and send it back to the lab. You will get the results within one business day from the time the lab receives the sample.

Advantages of knowing your baby’s gender

Nowadays, it is very common to see parties being held to reveal the gender of the baby on the way. Just search YouTube and you will come across several creative ways in which people reveal the gender of their babies. However, knowing whether your child will be a boy or a girl allows you to plan better about the type of clothes you will buy, how you will decorate the baby’s room, the toys you want to buy, etc. Knowing the gender of your baby not only makes for a fun time with family and friends but is also a great way to better prepare for the baby’s arrival. The baby is the center of attention now and both you and your partner want to make sure you give him or her all the best.

Who will receive the results?

Some people don’t like the idea of having a baby shower to reveal the baby’s gender. If this is your case, you can have the results sent to you. If, on the other hand, you want to live every stage of your pregnancy to the fullest, you will need someone to receive the lab results for you. First, anxiety is a great enemy and can make both you and your partner decide to see the results prematurely. Second, because then that person can know what color to buy a certain item to reveal the gender. It’s all about making a creative event that you can record to show your children once they are older. Life is about treasuring pleasant moments and having a gender reveal party can become part of your family treasure.