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Everyone wants to live a full, healthy, successful, purposeful life. While some believe one’s length of life is determined by our genetic code and any hereditary illnesses one may acquire at birth; the environment, habits, and daily activities also play a huge role in the length of one’s days. One of the most important factors in promoting longevity is eating a healthy, well-balanced diet. Eating foods that will help the body produce and increase in the production of nutrients is key. Foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain, fish, nuts and legumes can help strengthen many bodily organs as well as maintain healthy blood flow. Eating foods that will help keep your main organs as well as digestive system healthy along with other lifestyle choices, such as exercise, support, relationships, and more can assure you will live a full, healthy, productive life.

Healthy Ways that Promote Longevity

Because the liver is responsible for filtering the blood coming from the digestive tract, before passing it to the rest of the body, as well as making proteins which are important for blood clotting and other functions, eating foods such as pears, grapes, berries, grapefruit, fatty fish, nuts, and avocado can help keep the liver strong and functioning the way it should. Because the kidneys help the body pass waste, maintains fluid balance in the body, regulates and filters minerals from the blood, and creates hormones that help produce red blood cells, promote bone health, and regulate blood pressure, eating foods such as apples, cabbage, bananas, lean red meats, beans, spinach, and arugula, along with drinking plenty of water can help keep the kidneys healthy and strong, so that it can help other organs such as the liver and heart function properly as well. According to Dina Aronson, MS, RD,” Nutrition and medical researchers have identified persistent inflammation as one of the worst offenders in aging, as its factors predict the risk of virtually all chronic diseases. And since chronic diseases cause the majority of early deaths, eating a diet that minimizes inflammation and the risk of chronic disease is key to increasing longevity and quality of life.” Therefore, maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet is a great start for those who are want to learn how to live longer and improve their health.

Another factor in promoting longevity is by living a meaningful life. Having a sense of purpose plays a huge role in influencing one’s longevity. When a person feels important, needed, and appreciated helps promote a healthy mental state and encourages one to want to be healthier and more productive in life. Maintaining meaningful relationships and having a good support system plays an essential role in health, happiness, and longevity. According to Howard Friedman, author of The Longevity Project,”It’s clear that being conscientiously involved in meaningful work or volunteer activities will improve both your mental health and your physical health.” Indeed, people who volunteer are more likely to report a greater sense of purpose and meaning in their lives, as well as less stress … Read More

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