Hiding the Shame of a Scar

Recently I went to an aesthetic clinic in Orchard to have a scar treated. When I was just a little kid, I was very curious, and would often try to climb on trees. There was one particular tree in our yard that was very big, but I wanted to climb it anyway. My parents told me now to climb it, because they were afraid that I would fall and injure myself, but I didn’t listen. I climbed the tree one afternoon, and one of the branches snapped. I fell down and scraped my leg on the fallen branch. I cried loudly and when my parents heard me, they ran outside and rushed me to the hospital.

I had to have stitches in my leg because of that fall, and my parents punished me for disobeying them. The wound eventually healed, but it left a visible scar on my leg that I wasn’t too proud of seeing. I would avoid wearing shorts most of the time because I didn’t want other people to see the scar. After becoming an adult, I began looking into scar treatments that would lessen the appearance of a scar that has been on the body for a while, and came across the clinic.

The clinic told me that it would take more than one treatment to get the scar to go away, but it could be done. The clinic did their magic across a few treatments, and each time, the scar became less noticeable than before, until I could no longer see it. To celebrate the scar finally being gone, I went to the store and bought a pair of shorts to wear. I walked around in those shorts as if it was the first time that I had ever worn shorts in my entire life.